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Beef Cutting Instructions

1. Tbone or New York Strip and Tenderloins?

2. Sirloins and Ribeyes?

3. Chuck/Arm Roasts or Ground Beef?

4. Stew Meat?

5. Ribs or Ground Beef?

6. Soup Bones?

7. Brisket or Ground Beef?

8. Tip Roasts, steaks, or Ground Beef?

9. Rump Roasts or Ground Beef?

10. Round Roasts, Steaks, or Cubed Steaks or Ground Beef

11. 1lb, 1.5lb or 2lb Ground Beef packages

12. Canning Meat?

Extras are available. 

Hog Cutting Instructions

1. Pork Chops (Fresh or cured and smoked)

2. Bacon (Fresh or cured and smoked)

3. Hams (Fresh or cured and smoked)

4. Hocks (Fresh or cured and smoked)

5. Ground Pork or Seasoned Sausage

6. Lard (Ground or rendered)

7. Shoulder Roasts, Shoulder Steaks or Cottage Bacon

** Anything not wanted goes into trim

Extras are available.

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